Time Sensitive Data Reporting Requirement

SB 523 (Hernandez) is the so called "ambulance QAF bill" and it is suppose to increase Medi-Cal payments to emergency medical transport providers - next year.

This California law requires ambulance providers to submit data to the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) on November 15, 2017.  Failure to submit the data by the deadline results in a $100/day penalty, which is assessed every day that the data is late.

DHCS has established a website with instructions and more information. Here is the information we have received...

Good morning, this is to notify you of the newly developed webpage specifically for the Ground Emergency Medical Transportation Quality Assurance Fee Program. By using the link, you will find background and deadline information, as well as the data submission form and instructions. We have also established an email in-box for providers to submit any questions or comments. The email address is included in the webpage.  We will notify providers by direct mail and via a Newsflash article on Department's website.


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