Possible Time Sensitive Data Reporting Requirement

SB 523 (Hernandez) is a bill approved by the legislature and awaiting the Governor's signature.  This so called "ambulance QAF bill" is intended to increase Medi-Cal payments to emergency medical transport providers.

SB 523 is an urgency statute which means it becomes effective immediately. Once the Governor signs the bill, it becomes California law.  This California law will require ambulance providers to submit data to the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) on October 15, 2017.  Under this law, failure to submit the data by the deadline results in a $100/day penalty, which is assessed every day that the data is late.

Given the fact that it is October 13, 2017 and the bill is not yet signed, it would be reasonable for DHCS to extend the reporting deadline, and the new law will give DHCS the authority to change the deadline.  Of late, DHCS acts reasonably and avoids imposing unrealistic deadlines on service providers; we hope and anticipate the reporting deadline will be extended.  Consequently, it is envisioned that the October 15, 2017 reporting deadline cannot realistically be enforced.

As a service to our members, the CAA has developed an unofficial data reporting template should the need arise to report the required data within the next few days.  Collecting and gathering the data now and being prepared to report the data at a moments notice may avoid problems for your company in the future. 

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